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Our Process

We invest considerable time discovering what our clients want in their new home. A great understanding of a family’s or individual’s wants, needs and budget, as well as the building site is so fundamental to a custom designed home. 

For our SW Florida customers, we created the Five Tasks document below to help explain our one-stop scope of services from Preliminary Design through obtaining a building permit and beyond. Note that within the Five Tasks we stress best design & building practices which significantly reduce on-going maintenance and energy costs.

For custom clients building elsewhere, we would not be involved in site specific engineering or permitting efforts, limiting our scope of work to the Preliminary Design Task I and Task II CAD Design Development. Please free to call Dave to find out more.

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Communicating the Design from Concept to Creation


Our clients everywhere love to be kept in the loop with our cutting-edge graphics.


Click and drag, zoom in and zoom out to see the whole 3D home come to life. You control the action!


 Frequently Asked Questions

+ This is our first time designing a custom home. Can you provide everything we will need to provide our builder?

We deliver permit ready sets of plans for SW Florida clients which include; Preliminary Design, Design Development scale CAD drawings, a Manual J, (energy calcs) HVAC design, (Manual D & S) as well as Structural Engineering, all required to obtain a building permit in Southwest Florida. We can also perform permit coordination and site visits during construction. We refer to this list of services as the Five Tasks. You may be interested in reviewing our Five Tasks PDF for more information. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me directly. Dave Jenkins: 239-218-3508.

+ You are the only home designer or architect we’ve interviewed who even mentions energy calcs and HVAC system design. Why is that?

That does not surprise me at all! No other architectural or home design firm has more experience then WJHD in the design, engineering and building of hi-performance, “green” homes if you will, in the Southeastern US. Our hot and humid climate demands HVAC system design as a best building practice of hi-performance homes. Believe it or not, employing the latest building techniques is not a code requirement, but it is why our customers enjoy the lowest energy bills per square foot available, much healthier indoor air quality, increased durability and measurable sustainability. The best part? This far superior home certainly does require more effort and care from WJHD and your builder, but the increased cost is negligible.

+ Can you help us find a contractor who understands best building practices?

We can certainly introduce you to quality builders, as well as those that suit your area and price point.

+ We definitely want you to design our home, but we are still looking for our lot. Should we meet with you first or select our lot first?

I’m always happy to have an initial, no cost meeting either in person or in a phone call, or via Skype or FaceTime. Learning what my potential customers want is fundamental to what we do. However, the location and nature of the property you choose can so dramatically influence the design of the home, it’s always best to first choose your location, location, location - before we begin!

+ We won’t be building in SW Florida, but would you consider designing our home?

Absolutely! We enjoy designing custom homes for clients who won’t be building in SW Florida. Because of our 3D capabilities, we have many clients that we have never met in person, so distance is not an issue. We have plenty of experience doing just that for customers - even half way around the world. Our services would likely be limited to Preliminary Design and CAD Design Development for a truss set of plans. (short of structural engineering). Tasks, I Prelim design and Task II, Design Development can be seen in the Five Tasks (link) document. In order to provide a design quote, a survey of the property is needed including a topography of the site and elevation changes if the lot is sloping. The building setbacks and flood zone information, if that’s in play, would be helpful. After a free initial in-depth discussion about the home you desire and your family’s needs, I can offer a formal proposal. Once we get started, pictures of what your dream home looks and feels like, helps immensely with the direction we take.


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